Josep Fargas

I have been working with LEGO Education robots for many years and me involved in many schools and conferences.

I started the BOGATECH Robotics Workshop to offer activities and support to students, education centres, and teachers.

My course, “Robo-telling Stories”, was selected as one of the top seven European Union finalists of the inGenious Teachers Competition.

One of my main interests is to collaborate with other teachers to research how to teach curricular and non-curricular subjects more creatively.

Tumo Gyumri

Josep Maria Fargas Texidó, is back!

This time he’s at TUMO Gyumri teaching the teens what they need to know to start their robot empire!

(Or, you know, just build robots. Empire not mandatory.)impressed with his burgeoning bot experts.

“They incredible and ask so many questions! set the rhythm for the lab and always want to stay longer to learn more.

“working on their final projects which will be presented Saturday so watch out. Gyumri bots are coming. – TumoBlog

Fargas -ը Թումո Գյումրիում հատուկ դասընթաց է վարել

Սա ես եմ եւ իմ թիմի պատրաստած սելֆի-ռոբոտ -ը

Vagan Mkrtchyan


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