Tumo Moscow – Path

Like other Tumos, the Tumo Moscow has its own online lessons platform – Tumo-path, Tumo-portfolio and Tumo-timeline. This is the link to the platform: https://ru.tumo.world/auth/login

Tumo Moscow – Path

About Tumo Moscow

If we look at the TUMO Moscow website we will see a similar post:


TUMO is available in several versions.

Training takes place 2 times a week for 2 hours.

Tumo Moscow – Online TUMO

5000 rub / month

Training in TUMO program in Russian language online for 8 directions

Available on the TUMO Path 2 training system on weekdays at a comfortable time of day

Online seminars with informed representatives of

industries with peace of mind

Publication with TUMO students in all of Russia:

Identity set:Read More in Tumo Site

Tumo Moscow – Light TUMO

15000 rub / month

Access to modern installations (3D printers,

photo studios, robotics and sound recording studios)

Free testing of career trajectories rebenka for parents:

Additional metropolitan schools: movie theater, round chairs, public talks,

meet with employers and vacancies, parent club

Online seminars with industry representatives with peace of mind

Training takes place online, just like at school.

Self-help training is carried out online at TUMO platform workshops go to a school at a professional training center. School in the center of Moscow:

Identity set:Read More in Tumo Site

Tumo Moscow
30,000 rub / month

Access to modern equipment (3D printers,

photography studio, robotics, recording studio)

Free testing of a child’s career trajectory for parents

Additional school activities: movie screenings,

round tables, public talks, meetings with employers and job fairs and parent club

Online seminars with renowned industry representatives from around the world

Additional weekly intensive courses in areas

of study with. leaders of the international market Possibility to study in English

Education takes place at school, or, if desired, can be partially online.

The ability to customize training individually

for possible slots. and sign up for additional lessons if necessary

School in the center of Moscow

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